11 Jan 2011

trendcentral Website

The Intelligence Group, a subsidiary of Creative Artists Agency (CAA), is a youth-focused consumer insights company dedicated to identifying emerging movements in popular culture. Each day, they feature relevant trends and cool social happenings through trendcentral, a free daily email newsletter and web site.

Writing, designing and publishing new content on a daily basis to a huge list of subscribers is no easy task. And it wasn’t made any easier with two outdated systems (one for email, one for the website) that needed to be updated separated each and every day. And after several years, it was also time for a facelift to the trendcentral website.

So the Kickstart Concepts team came to the rescue. Using two industry-leading software platforms, WordPress for the website and MailChimp for the email newsletter, we took the client’s internal design files and relaunched the new and improved site. We also built a custom integration between WordPress and MailChimp, allowing everything to be done in one central place.

Now a process that used to take several hours each day takes less than an hour, all combined with a new look and powerful analytics.