16 Dec 2010

Free Google TV? Let the hacking begin!

Google TVWe’re super excited to announce that Kickstart Concepts was selected to receive a free Logitech Revue with Google TV. As part of their Google TV Web Developer Promotion, Google is distributing free devices to selected developers to encourage the creation of applications for Google TV.

In case you don’t know, Google TV is a new entertainment platform that combines TV, web, apps, and search all in one easy to use experience. The platform was announced in May 2010 at Google I/O and will be open-sourced in 2011. Devices from Sony and Logitech are now on sale in the U.S., and more devices will be launching in additional markets next year. More details can be found at google.com/tv

Before I started Kickstart Concepts, I was a former Creative Director at online television pioneer Joost, and have spent a nice chunk of the last few years thinking about the opportunities offered by the convergence of TV and the web. With Google TV, it looks like a platform is now truly available to see a lot of those opportunities actually come to life.

We have a ton of ideas already and can’t wait to get started hacking around. We’ll be sure to post updates as we release our concepts into the world.

And thanks again Google!