Our Approach

Kickstart Concepts was born with one goal in mind: happy clients.

Let’s be honest: too many web projects are rocky at best and full-blown disasters at their worst. The world of web design and development is littered with stories of developers who are hard to work with, impossible clients and disagreements over what is being built, what had been agreed to, and whose fault this whole mess is.

Who’s to Blame

At Kickstart Concepts, we know who is at fault: the process. The problems usually start during the initial project proposal. The agency tries not to “give away” their ideas for free, while clients are looking for some initial direction from those who know best. Agencies then put together detailed project plans, with supposedly concrete timelines and lengthy requirements documents, outlining the exact specifications of the project, all before anyone really knows what they’re building. Any changes down the road are then met with arguments about what had been agreed to back before anyone got started. The agency feels the client is trying to get something for free, the client feels the agency is being unreasonable, and no one is happy.

Why We’re Different

Kickstart Concepts is made up of a small, agile team. We’ve been working online since before there was an Internet. We know how to build what you want, and we’ve developed a process for not only bringing your ideas to life, but how to make your ideas even better. And it doesn’t involve a lot of confusing documents and technical jargon that’s hard to understand.

We start with something completely novel: we listen. We sit down and hear a client tell us what they want to build. We then take that idea, add some of our experience and expertise, and sketch out what we think the project involves. We sit down with the client again, and walk them through what we have in mind. The goal is to make sure we are all on the same page before any work is started, or any contract is signed. Some agencies would consider this working for free. We consider it an investment in ensuring we have happy clients.

Why This Works

We are visual people. Experience has taught us that clients usually are as well. Before you can see something, before you can touch an example of what you’re building, you can’t really have an agreement on what it is you’re working on. A requirements document and lengthy specifications can create the illusion of an agreement, but trust us: it’s not the same thing. And it will burn you down the road. That’s why our approach is different.

You Have Nothing to Lose

At Kickstart Concepts, we love to discuss ideas. So if you or your company has an idea you would like to launch, let’s chat.

Even if we don’t work together, we would love to help give your idea a kickstart.